Testimonials for the Golfjams Bluetooth Golf Cart Speaker System

"As a PGA Member and golf course operator, I see new golf related products come across my desk on a daily basis.  Rarely does anything catch my eye and scream "YOU HAVE TO HAVE THIS!" But in the case of the GOLFJAMS Speaker System, I HAD TO HAVE IT.  Developed by a golfer, for golfers, GOLFJAMS takes your music box out of the golf cart dash or cup holder and puts it right in your face with its innovative Up Bar Clip and Universal Phone Holder.  The quality of sound and 18 hour+ battery life are second to none in the industry. If you enjoy music while you play golf, YOU HAVE TO HAVE THIS!!!"

Bryan M. Addis, PGA

General Manager

The Crosby Club

Rancho Santa Fe, CA


"I recently had the chance to demo the new GOLFJAMS portable Bluetooth speaker for nine holes. It has a very cool design and took just seconds to attach to my golf cart. GOLFJAMS has great sound and volume for its size, and definitely outperforms my Jawbone Jambox. The battery life was great and the speaker held its own with big bass tracks. I definitely recommend the GOLFJAMS speaker for anyone trying to enjoy some music out on the course."

Rick Page

Dallas, TX


"This is an audio files dream on the course. Great sound easy on the ears makes hours of listening enjoyable. Easy to setup and compact for easy bag storage."

Bart Thayer


"Absolutely love this speaker! I enjoy music while on the golf course and always just used my cell phone shoved in the cup holder of the golf cart. The sound sucked and it drained my battery before the end of the round. This simple solution solved those challenges. The sound is amazing and I use it on much more than just the golf course. I use it around the house and I even clip it on my tent while tailgating. I use it all the time and still only charge it about once a week. Great product, I highly recommend."

Jeton Prince


"I love the Golfjams speaker system. Finally, there’s a product out that makes golf more fun, is functional for the golf cart, and sounds great. I was asked to demo the speaker for a half round of golf. It was super easy to use. Woooo!!! I would recommend this product to anyone."

Danica Drykermen San Diego, CA


"The Golfjams speaker system is flat out awesome. I got a chance to demo it for nine holes and it completely changed the vibe of the golf round. Its simple to attach. Being able to hear crystal clear music right in front of you while playing made it so much more fun. I wouldn't want to play without it."

-Lynne Salter San Diego, CA


To say I'm a "Golf Accessories" guy would be an extreme understatement. I have everything from motorized ball cleaners to glasses that help you locate balls lost in the trees. But by far the best accessory I have is the Golfjams. The first time my friend pulled out a speaker on the course I didn't know what I thought of it. I was always used to golfing in silence and trying to concentrate as much as possible on my next swing. By the end of the round I was in. I actually found that it helped my score because it made me feel more laid back and loose with my swings. After that round I started looking for my own speakers and I'm glad I settled on Golfjams. The speakers put out great sound, very easy to put up and take down, very steady once installed and guaranteed to turn heads. I would recommend this product to anyone, I've lost a couple parts on different occassions and on both times the people at Golfjams sent replacements immediately at no charge. I can't wait until I can afford a second speaker because I like the product so much, I want surround sound!

Dean Pitsch III

Tacoma, Washington


I am writing this as I purchased an Amp Caddy about two months ago. Don't get me started on this piece of junk. When I got my Amp Caddy it was very disappointing it just looked cheap I used it twice on the course and both times it died on me after charging it the night before. The mount that goes on the cart broke the second time I used it and had to make a new one so I could use again. At this point was over it. My buddy said he saw another speaker for sale on Facebook called GolfJams, at the time I was hesitant to buy another speaker due to my bad luck with the Amp Caddy. I decided to go to the GolfJams website and check it out. After about 20 mins watching the Review Video on all the other golf speakers and reading some testimonials I figured i would give it a shot. When I received the GolfJams in the mail I was excited to see how it preformed. Let me tell you this thing is awesome. Out of the box it was half charged, I was running behind on my tee time so I put it in the bag with the phone clip and mount. I was shocked the GolfJams did not die in fact it still could probably make another 18 holes. The mounting system was awesome kept the speaker in place the hole round, having the phone clip was great my phone was not in a cup holder. This thing has great sound too and is super easy to connect via Bluetooth. If you are in the market for a Golf Speaker I would Highly Suggest the GOLFJAMS Speaker System. I use in around my house all the time took it to the river and it mounted right to my easy-up. This just isn't a golf speaker!
THANK YOU GOLFJAMS for this great product!

Kris Miller

Murrietta, CA


Wow! What a pleasant surprise. Finally a speaker with great sound and a long battery life. GOLF JAMS was so easy use. I love being able to hear my favorite songs on the course no matter how Far away the cart is. It works great on my beach cruiser as well. Clips right to the frame. I have not picked up my Bose sound tooth since my GOLF JAMS. A must for all music lovers!
Thank you!
Tommy Nielsen


…Just bought another GolfJams! Sound quality is superb, still ‘BOSE-like’...raising or lowering the volume doesn't distort, and comes in clear at minimal volume. Bluetooth signal is strong… from the golf cart, course to clubhouse or range. Yep, anywhere I go I use it …at home detailing my ride, mowing the lawn or entertaining the kids. My GolfJams ROCKS!! Love it -- Thank you  GolfJams!!!

Jay Mann, New Jersey


Golfjams is  the entertainment center for golf. I first used this product last week to try it out and see if I liked it. I am not a real technical type of person, and to admit, I was worried at first. Wow, was I wrong. I just followed the simple directions and 'presto' I had music on my cart! As I drove the cart from hole to hole, I found myself explaining to many other golfers about "GolfJams".  Either clip makes it easy to adjust to the two different sizes of cart rails. Also the sound system is incredible. All of  this is provided in  great  packaging. It comes in a very solid box with so many accessories . Charging cables, 3.5mm cable, both clips, universal devise holder,  2 Poker Chip ball markers, and a great travel bag. Need I say more????? 

Carl- Chula Vista, CA


I have been taking Golfjams with me everywhere I go and absolutely love the versatility of the speaker system due to the cart clips (1.0” and 1.25”) provided with the unit. Besides attaching the sound system to the golf cart, I have found that the versatile clips attach to just about anything: beach chairs, lounge chairs, boat railings, edges of tables, a variety of poles or posts, bikes, tailgates, etc. I use the speaker system while golfing, fishing, camping and lounging all the time and people love it. The sound of the 10W speaker system is pure quality and connecting to a Bluetooth device takes just seconds. And, the battery lasts 20+ hours. I highly recommend Golfjams to anyone who enjoys music on the go like me.

Dave Kilpatrick, AZ


I just wanted to let you know how happy we are with our GolfJams!
We recently received our GolfJams as a prize in a tournament and we were definitely the winners!
We have had tried several wireless speakers we take golfing, but this system rocks!
No more bulky speakers to try to figure out where to put it. The post bracket works perfectly to hold the speaker and phone with the heavy duty Velcro . The controls are easy to use and work great with a glove on!
And the sound is AWESOME! You guys have put a lot of thought in putting this system together!
I don't generally give feedback on products I like, but this warrants a big kudos!
You have a five star rating from me!
Rock On!
M.K. Smith
Eagle Springs G &CC
Friant, CA.


This Product is great.. First off I must say the packaging is incredible. Anything that comes in a quality package like this makes you think the inside must be something special. Although I haven't played a lot of golf since I received it, I did put it on the cart.. clipped on so easily, and my handy skills are poor (I think a screw driver is a drink with vodka and orange juice). The clarity of the audio is fantastic. We currently use it inside now that the weather in Ohio is not the greatest for golf. We have a portable Bose speaker we used to use a lot, and this system puts the Bose to shame. Again the audio is superb, and very easy to use. This product is worth more than I paid for it. ($149 Free Shipping). Thanks Golfjams!!!

Terry G, Liberty Ohio


I've tried several different stereo systems for my golf carts and Golfjams is by the far the best out there. In fact, I've purchased a few others for friends and they love it too. I will never buy any other system than Golfjams.

RB  Fresno, CA


Ready to support a company that cares about it's customers? Ready to take a chance on a company who's product is far superior than most of the major brands out there? Ready to golf with music like never before? These were the same questions I asked myself before purchacing my Golfjams Bluetooth speaker system and boy I'm glad I answered "YES"  to all of them. A product is only as good as the company selling it. Let me tell you, Golfjams really cares about their customers. I had a question about my order and was shocked to see an email from the owner directly within minutes. When you believe in your product and you want to make sure your customers do as well... It's a beautiful thing. Take my advice, jump on this product before it blows up more than it already has.The big companies had to start somewhere too, but Golfjams has something really rare, and special here, and the bigger companies better start taking notice! I absolutely love this product!  Thanks again for making a speaker system for golfers, by a golfer!

Ryan Smith, Andover Minnesota



I did quite a bit of research before I chose a Bluetooth speaker that would be used primarily on my golf cart. There were plenty of options available but after reading reviews and watching videos of different speakers I chose the Golfjams Bluertooth Speaker System. I definitely made the right choice. The battery life is as good if not better than advertised and the sound is crystal clear and loud. The cart clips work great to hold the speaker sturdy and where it is out of the way. At first, I was concerned about the speaker being attached by Velcro. Once I attached it...the worry was put to rest. Once attached, the speaker is not going anywhere.

When I did have an issue with the speaker, I contacted Golfjams and the issue was immediately resolved. Excellent customer service, as one email was all it took. They had it going in 3 minutes.

Jon M, West Fargo North Dakota


The perfect speaker!!! Fits perfectly on any golf cart. Love, Love, Love it. It's so easy to use.

Lori W.