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Golfjams really did their homework on this product. It's an excellent all-around bluetooth speaker and absolutely the best speaker for golf that I have tested. Both of the Golfjams clips easily attach to the front or back support posts of any golf cart without the need for bolts or screws. It’s so easy to attach, it literally took me 1 second. The clips are made of a very durable material (looks like ABS plastic) and are guaranteed to never break. There is a industrial-grade velcro attached to both sides of the cart clips, as well as a soft velcro strip at the bottom of the speaker. It seems like they made this speaker 2-dimentional (golf course/home). This allowed me to put the Golfjams in many different configurations and positions on the cart and it was incredibly secure. The Golfjams is the only speaker out of the four I tested to have a place to put your phone/mp3 player/GPS devise/camera etc. They provide you with a universal device holder that you can attach to either side of the two clips. The Golfjams system has BIG sound and is clearly the loudest and best sounding speaker out of the four that I reviewed. The battery life on the Golfjams was clearly the best out of the four as well, lasting upwards of 22 hours. The product says 15 hours, which is greatly modest to say the least. The Golfjams battery easily lasts twice as long as its closest competitor. I was able to connect via bluetooth with no trouble and I had plenty of range to walk around the course. I also noticed that the buttons on the Golfjams react to motion and light up in neon green when you wave your hand near the device. This makes it easy to see the buttons and controls on those late afternoon rounds and during the evenings when your trying to get a few more holes in. Golfjams was the first bluetooth speaker for golf on the market, carrying a U.S. Patent on the two cart clips, and is clearly the frontrunner. The 2 clips don't just apply to golf carts.. I found so many more applications for these clips. There's lots of things out there that can attach to a 1.0" or 1.25" clip believe it or not. Not sure that they designed it that way, but a noticed. Golfjams is the complete package with the included.. 2 golf cart mounting clips (1.0" and 1.25"), charging cable, 3.5 mm aux cable, universal device holder, 2 poker chip ball markers, velour carry bag, as well as a premium instructional manual. Golfjams also provides top tier packaging assuring you know that the price is well worth it. You won't be disappointed!!!

Amp Caddy:

Just from looking at the device, you can see it looks very similar to the Golfjams. One of the differences between the Amp Caddy and the Golfjams though, is that the Amp Caddy has a clamp with bolts and screws to attach to the cart where the Golfjams has just a clip. While testing the Amp Caddy, one of the plastic handles used for tightening the clamp broke. It is a poor design and is made from poor quality materials. One other issue I had with the Amp Caddy was it’s inability to tilt up or down. While the Amp Caddy is attached to your cart you can only swivel it left or right, and the design doesn’t even make enough room for the golf cart post, so it can only adjust a couple of inches. The Amp Caddy has decent sound and gets loud, however the quality is diminished significantly at high volumes. The battery only lasts about 7 to 8 hours, which is the lowest of all the speakers I tested. The bluetooth/wireless system seemed to work well, I had no problems walking away from the cart a good ways. The buttons are a little hard to push and somewhat hard to read/see as well. They are the same color as the material around them, and so are the titles for each button, so everything blends into each other. The Amp Caddy comes alone in a box with the charger. No carrying case/travel pouch/cables etc. There is no place to attach a phone or mp3 player. The price is too high for what you get with the Amp Caddy. There is still some development needed with this product.

Puma Soundchuck:

First impression… this thing is weird. The Soundchuck is designed similar to a pair of nunchucks that magnetically attach at the tips. Yes, that’s right, your expensive bluetooth speakers dangling around off the cart and knocking into things. With a large cord separating two halves of the speaker, you’re supposed to be able to wrap the cord around things and secure the device with the magnet. This was an interesting thought in theory, but not very successful in practice. It is difficult to secure this thing anywhere, and, especially for golf purposes, this design makes little sense. I ended up draping it over the top of the G.P.S monitor in our cart. I tried twisting it around the posts of the cart, as well as a few other configurations, and it either fell off or just looked terrible. Good thing it’s covered in “weather resistant material.” It was also bigger that I anticipated. When the magnets are connected and the device is all put together, it’s bigger/longer than any of the other devices. Perhaps this is why they decided to cut it in half? The sound quality on the Soundchuck is decent, but probably third best of the speakers that I tested. The Soundchuck is louder than only the Spy Beacon, which is not saying much. The battery lasts only 8+ hours, giving it the worst battery life of the four speakers that I tested. It comes with an integrated speaker, but just as with the Spy Beacon, I found it to be more of a gimmick than anything really useful. Even outside of golf, I’m not sure where you would put this thing. Interesting thought, just an impractical device that doesn’t make much sense.

Spy Beacon:

The Spy Beacon is an interesting design. It looks similar to a water bottle and is designed to fit in a cupholder. This is not ideal though, because there is already very limited space to hold beverages in a golf cart. You don’t want to use one of your cupholders to hold a speaker. Not to mention the fact that having electronics near beverages is never a great idea. I like the fact that it’s covered in a silicone shell and shockproof up to 1.5 meters. The sound on this speaker is TERRIBLE. Clearly the weakest and poorest quality sound of all the speakers I tested. At full power I could barely hear it at the tee box from my cart. Plus, since you can only really put it in the cupholder, it is not in a good place to get the best sound. I prefer to have a speaker that is mounted somewhere further up on the cart. It has a microphone for voice controls, which is interesting, but I found that it ends up being easier to just use the manual controls. The Spy Beacon is cheap, the cheapest speaker that I tested, but you get what you pay for here. The Beacon is also heavier than I would like it to be. The design clearly allows the unit to fit where water bottles do, (such as clipped onto a golf bag) but I don’t want some bulky thing hanging off of my bag. They made an attempt at a speaker you could use for walking or riding, but I think it’s still too heavy for me to carry around while I walk 18 holes. The website will show guys walking around with this device dangling off of their bag, but it increases the weight of your bag significantly while at the same time swinging around and knocking into your leg as you walk. With a battery life of about 15 hours, it has pretty good battery life, the second best of the four that I tested. Overall, the Spy Beacon didn’t impress me.


Find The Rhythm of Your Golf Swing With GolfJams

Reviews of Golfjams Bluetooth Golfcart Speaker System

Golf swings come in all shapes and sizes. Some are fast, some are slow. Some are flat, some are upright. But one thing all great swings share is a rhythm or cadence that includes a backswing, downswing and follow through that produces the desired result of a square strike of the golf ball.

For over twenty years, Ernie Els has been known as “The Big Easy” due to his imposing physical stature along with his fluid golf swing. Els generates tremendous swing speed and accuracy from a beautiful rhythm that connects all of his efforts into one graceful movement.

For many of us, it can be quite difficult to develop a consistent tempo in our golf swing as we get stuck in analyzing our individual positions and movements. By the time we get to putting all the parts of the swing together, we’re lost in a sea of swing thoughts instead of focusing on just hitting the ball.

It’s easy to lose the “feel” of the swing when you’re in that state over-analysis, especially during the middle of a round. However, there’s a simple solution to breaking free of swing-thought overload that can help you find your rhythm and stay in the moment.

On course music is becoming an accepted and popular element of modern, casual golf that can also improve your performance. Music is a great distraction in a game that requires a great deal of patience and concentration. It’s also a great stress reliever for those of us who might get a bit wrapped up in our games. All you need is a mobile device to access music and a wireless (Bluetooth) speaker.

I recently tested a Bluetooth speaker made specifically for use on the course called Golfjams. There are hundreds of wireless speakers available, but there are many benefits to having one that was built with the needs of a golfer in a mind.

Firstly, Golfjams is incredibly simple and easy to use on the golf course because it comes with two different clips that make it easy to attach to just about any golf cart. By having the speaker mounted to the golf cart instead of having it bounce around in one of the storage compartments, you’re guaranteed better sound, longer device life and a lot less chance of the speaker falling out of your cart.

Pairing Golfjams with a mobile device is also very easy. Just briefly press the play button on the speaker and Golfjams will search for potential devices to pair with. Once connected, Golfjams even comes with a mounting clip to attach your mobile device directly to the cart. This is another nice benefit that helps assure you won’t lose your mobile device or speaker either during or after the round.

The device comes with an ingress protection rating of IPX5, which means you don’t have to worry about exposure to rain or other weather-related elements. This is a well-built, sturdy device that was built for the elements on the golf course.

Another major highlight of this product is the advanced lithium battery can provide 15 hours of playing time. Compared to many other wireless speakers, this is an exceptionally long battery life. However, it’s great to have, especially during a long round. Even if you forget to charge Golfjams between rounds, this extended battery life will keep you and your tunes in business.

Package contents of Golfjams Speaker System

Although the device is roughly 2″x2″x7″, its double 5W loudspeakers produce high quality stereo sound for such a small unit. Even played at the higher volume levels, Golfjams produces a clean sound without any excess distortion. You can easily adjust the volume directly on the speaker itself or through your mobile device. And since Golfjams can be mounted your golf cart, you’ll be able to hear your music as far away from your cart as you prefer.

The product comes with speaker with loop Velcro bottom, universal device holder, USB charging cable, 3.5mm audio cable, USB battery charger and two cart clips. It also comes with a loop Velcro clip for mobile devices, 2 poker chip ball markers and a protective carrying bag.

Golfjams provides a great way to connect music with golf. Combining the two might not bring you the same rhythm and tempo as a PGA professional, but it can be a great combination for those of us who would like to enjoy the experience of a round of golf even more.

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Golfjams Bluetooth Speaker Review

As the game of golf adapts, on course music is becoming an ever popular element of the casual golf round with friends.  Golfjams appears to be at the forefront of this movement, introducing a unique yet quality speaker that can attach to the downward post of a golf cart and offer clear sound to the entire foursome.

From Golfjams

The Golfjams bluetooth speaker is a day-to-day accessory designed for use on the golf course. The system is designed to easily attach to the down post of the golf cart with one of the included 1″ or 1.25″ velcro clips. The speaker is weather resistant and comes complete with Speaker with Loop Velcro Bottom, universal device holder, USB Charging cable, 3.5mm Audio cable, USB Battery charger, 2 cart clips 1.0″ and 1.25,” 2 PC 2″x7″ Loop Velcro For Other Applications (Phone, Music Devise, GPS Unit, Etc.), 2 Poker Chip Ball Markers and a Protective Carrying Bag.

Golfjams Bluetooth speaker is ultra light and has a splash-proof rating of IPX5 meaning that you can carry it with you a listen to your favorite music, whatever the weather. In real world terms, it means you can take it almost anywhere without worrying about normal environmental factors that would affect your electronics. Just don’t go deep sea diving with it!


  • Advanced Lithium Battery allows 15+ hours of playing time!
  • Infrared thermal sensors automatically activate button lights in the dark
  • A stylish and sophisticated way to experience your music while on the golf course
  • Feature-packed and extremely easy to use
  • A beautifully designed speaker that compliments any style
  • Advanced CSR Brand Bluetooth Version 4.0
  • Increased Bluetooth transmission rate and higher audio fidelity with decreased power consumption
  • Supports: NFC, Siri and Android Voice Calls
  • Battery status shows on iPhone/ iPod / iPad
  • Double 5W loudspeakers produce high quality stereo sound
  • Use with two or more of these same devices for increased effect


Out of the Box

Based on the size of the box that arrived, it becomes quickly clear that the Golfjams Bluetooth speaker is something beyond the average portable music playing device.  Upon quick inspection, a series of accessories surround a substantial and weighty unit, providing users with a bevy of options including a music device dock, two cart clips, charging cable and wall unit, direct connection cable, and a couple poker chips.  These can all be housed in a carrying bag included in the package, which fits every item included in the box.

What becomes clear after removing the Golfjams unit is the intention of creating a sturdy unit for cart based golfers.  The speaker itself is sizable, but also somewhat heavy, feeling about the same overall weight as a dozen golf balls in hand as well as in the golf bag.  To complement the speaker, two very sturdy cart clips are provided (explained shortly), both with long strips of Velcro applied.  In addition to the already installed Velcro setup, additional strips are provided.

Golfjams bluetooth speaker system

On Course Functionality

As noted earlier, two clips were provided by Golfjams in order to mount the unit directly to a cart post.  While there is a large benefit to having multiple size options, it was clear early that all carts are not made equal.  Despite the smallest clip not fitting on the down post of the cart involved in the testing, it did fit very well on a post crossing into the basket of the cart, and the Golfjams Bluetooth mounted successfully. 

Assembly of this process is exceptionally easy, as the speaker itself has a Velcro base, which firmly attaches to the clip.  On the opposing side, one can utilize the device clip (which is adjustable) to mount their phone or music player directly to the unit.  This is not absolutely necessary, and testing confirmed the functionality of the unit not only when the paired device was pocketed, but also when it was well over fifty feet from the device.  There is plenty of merit to the concern of Velcro quality and longevity when placing a unit sideways as the Golfjams is intended, however the Velcro provided is very strong.  In fact, when removing the unit after leaving it attached to the clip for numerous hours, it takes a genuine effort to separate the Velcro.


Pairing with the Golfjams is very easy.  It is simply a matter of scanning with the device, and pressing the play button on the Golfjams speaker for a couple of seconds.  Audible confirmation of a successful pairing is noted by the unit, and music is seamless from that moment forward.  There are some very minor delays between switching songs and pausing the unit, but this is quite common.  Experienced numerous times throughout the testing was the impressive ability for the unit to be shut off, turned back on a short while later, automatically pairing to the device it was paired to previously, and a simple play to resume where it left off.

One additional element of note is the infrared thermal censor for turning the button lighting on.  An interesting yet very welcome addition to the functionality of the unit, especially for those who intend to use the Golfjams both on the course and around the house.

Golfjams bluetooth golf speaker system


Sound Quality

Despite the compact size of the Golfjams unit, it impresses with the amount of clear sound it can generate.  In both the indoor and outdoor settings, the sound carries well, and can be turned up without any terrible hissing or signs of mediocre sound quality.  While the depth of sound is a smaller range than a traditional home speaker, it still outputs plenty of volume.  The placement of the unit exposed on a vertical cart post will actually improve the ability to hear the unit from further away, which can certainly be a benefit for the foursomes who all enjoy music.  For groups who prefer to keep the music closer to the cart, the unit does manage to fit into some compartments as well as the basket to reduce the likelihood of sound carry overall.

golfjams bluetooth speaker system


Battery Life

One of the most impressive elements of the Golfjams unit is the incredible battery.   While the website makes claims that the advanced lithium battery can last for greater than 15 hours of playback, testing proved that number to be highly conservative, experiencing more than 25 hours of playback in an office setting without having to recharge.  This testing was completed with a Bluetooth connection over the course of numerous days, power offs, and delays.

While the Golfjams Bluetooth speaker shows the battery level in numerous apple devices, it does not display that information on the actual unit itself, leaving a bit to be desired. With that in mind, considering the overall lifespan of the battery, a simple charge (a couple hours on the dock) will provide excessive amounts of playback without battery concerns.

golfjams bluetooth golfcart speaker system


Parting Thoughts

Making the claims of being “the official sound of golf” is a lofty label to place upon the Golfjams box, however testing proved that this Bluetooth speaker is an impressive option for golfers seeking quality music playback on course.  Having the option to ‘dock’ the unit as well as a music device directly to the cart frame will improve sound quality and provide clear playback for any foursome looking to ‘jam out’ on the course.  For more information on the Golfjams Bluetooth speaker, visit