History of the Golfjams Bluetooth Golf Cart Speaker System

There is no disputing that listening to music makes you more relaxed. The idea of Golfjams came about when looking for an easier application for speaker placement while golfing. The founder Scott Lapinski was golfing with his brother basically from morning till night. Wanting to to listen to music while out there, they tried a bluetooth speaker they had brought along. The problem with it was positioning it correctly. The options were; in the cup holder, in the left or right cubbies or in the back metal basket. These places were prime to either get the speaker wet or not hear the quality of sound from the speaker. The speaker kept shorting out from "liquid" getting on it or simply running out of battery life. With all the golf played every day, they would sometimes bring up to 3 fully charged speakers. Some days they got music all day, some days they did not. 

They identified the problems, now it was time to find the solution. The Golfjams speaker solves this problem with the two included golf clips and a superior sounding 10W bluetooth speaker that is built to last (up to 22 hours playing time). After testing 100's of potential speakers and even a trip a trip overseas, they perfect speaker solution was found.