Looking to enjoy your music while on the golf course? We have the solution for you! 


•  Advanced CSR Brand Bluetooth Version 4.0.
•  Increased Bluetooth transmission rate and higher audio fidelity with decreased power consumption.
•  Supports: NFC, Siri and Android Voice Calls.
•  Battery status shows on iPhone/ iPod / iPad.
•  Double SW loudspeakers produce high quality stereo sound.
•  Use with two or more of these same devices for increased effect.
•  Advanced Lithium Battery allows for up to 1 5 hours playing time!
•  Infrared thermal sensors automatically activate button lights in the dark.

System comes complete with the following:

•  Speaker With Loop Velcro Bottom
•  USB Charging cable
•  3.Smm Audio cable
•  USB Battery charger
•  2 CART CLIPS 1.0"AND 1.25"
•  2 PC Z"x7" Loop Velcro For Other Applications (Phone, Music Devise, GPS Unit, Etc.)
•  2 Poker Chip Ball Markers
•  Protective Carry Bag